Go for EDO! EDO Tasmania (Environmental Defenders Office (Tasmania) Inc)
Go for EDO!
EDO Tasmania (Environmental Defenders Office (Tasmania) Inc)
Go for EDO!
Go for EDO!

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** Our fundraising pages will close just before midnight on Tuesday 26 November. **

So don't dilly dally!
Your donation will help us reach our target amount. This will bring our total P2P fundraising tally to $100,000 over 5 years.
That would be an amazing milestone!

Most of us agree that everybody has a right to clean air and water and a say in decisions that affect their local environment. Our laws are supposed to protect those rights, but sometimes the laws get ignored, aren’t strong enough, or are so complex that it’s hard for people to know what they can do.

That’s why EDO Tasmania is important. Every day, we help Tasmanians to understand how environmental laws work and how they can make their voices heard.

Where the laws are weak, we fight for better laws. Where the laws are strong, we fight to preserve them and to ensure that they are complied with.

There will soon be a public announcement that EDO Tasmania is merging with other EDOs to become a national EDO. All funds raised through the Point to Pinnacle for EDO Tasmania will be transferred to the new national EDO, and will be used exclusively in Tasmania.

Raising the funds for this work is a marathon effort. Support our team and you'll be supporting us to use the law to protect Tasmania's special places. Thanks for your generosity!

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